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Committed to Delighting Your Pawsome Pal!


We hold a deep affection for you, the one who consistently makes thoughtful decisions each day, not only for the well-being of

my beloved furry companion but also for the environment

in which our future four-legged friends will thrive.

Organic Oscar was founded in 2007 in San Diego, California, USA, by Marie Svet, who was concerned about her beloved canine companion's sensitive skin. With a heart dedicated to caring for dogs' sensitive skin using gentle, trustworthy, naturally derived organic ingredients, Organic Oscar was born.

Our high-quality, all-natural, and biodegradable shampoos and conditioners are the perfect choice for maintaining the healthy skin of your beloved furry friends. Certified cruelty-free by the world-renowned animal protection organization PETA, all Organic Oscar products are free from animal testing and animal-derived ingredients, earning love and trust from people around the globe.

Choose Organic Oscar, a brand dedicated to animal ethics, and care for your beloved fur babies' skin with love and compassion.

ABOUT Organic Oscar

About Me
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Our Furry Friends Say

Dog Wash
This shampoo smells amazing, a moderate lavender citrus scent that smells natural and not artificial at all! It lathers up really well and made my dog nice and clean. 
I also love that this is biodegradable, vegan, natural, cruelty free, I could go on and on!!
This product is great and I can't wait to try more items from this company.


Organic Oscar's products are created without animal testing, using only vegan ingredients. We are thrilled to have joined PETA's official Cruelty-Free Program and received Vegan certification, as this is a movement that aims to prevent further sacrifices of animals and support their freedom.

Organic Oscar's products utilize plant-based natural surfactants, making them easy to rinse off with minimal water. Using less water in a world facing a global water scarcity crisis is an essential choice for the generations to come.

We began as a small women-owned business located in California, USA. Despite the passage of time since our inception, not much has changed for us. We still proudly call California our home, and every aspect of our product formulation and production continues to take place right here in the United States.

Despite the numerous benefits that larger-scale production facilities may promise, we have chosen to develop and manufacture our products through the hands of craftsmen who have dedicated decades to this craft in small, clean workshops. While scaling up might reduce costs, it's not the path we wish to take.

Every ingredient is individually handpicked by craftsmen, and we insist on small-batch production to promptly address any issues that may arise. Harnessing the power of machines is reserved for the cleanest production processes, while everything else falls under the purview of these artisans. We take pride in this production method that defies the era of mass production and speed.

minimum ingredients

The practice of adding a multitude of ingredients in minuscule amounts for marketing purposes is a common tactic. In that regard, we distance ourselves from the artifice of marketing. When too many ingredients are used, it becomes challenging to identify which ones may trigger allergic reactions on the skin.

Our greatest asset lies in a minimalistic legendary ingredient composition recipe, consisting only of essential ingredients and those with proven efficacy. This approach ensures clarity and authenticity in our products.

DU you wanA know mor about meee? Woof, join us!

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